About us

Having been established in 2006, CYCLEMAN has more than 10 years of experience in R&D and the production of electric bicycles. Most of Cycleman’s products are widely sold in North America and Europe, acquiring great reputation.

Based in Kunshan, one of the world’s most famous centers in the electric bicycle industry, CYCLEMAN is neighbor with several huge world famous high-end part suppliers. Accelerated development processes and perfect supply chain management are some of Cycleman’s biggest advantages. Due educational structures, the best engineers and designers of our industry, here in China, are from our city Kunshan. The team of Cycleman’s development department is part Chinese and part Austrian.

In 2013, CYCLEMAN set up its own European center for R&D, trainings and mainly service in Austria. We at Cycleman believe that the keys are //being with the customer //close cooperation //first hand feedback //focus //and perfectly understanding consumer demands. This is why our Ebikes are different and stand out from others in quality and look! The experienced team of engineers and managers at Cycleman gives a lot of extra values to the business of its clients. Most brands benefit a lot from unique and exclusive designs, quality and an excellent after-sales-service.

Our Team
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