In a field with thousands of competitors we were never interested in doing what everyone else did. There is no point in having another product that is just exactly the same like the other 1000 that are already on the market. We knew very early that we had to find our own strengths and simply focus on it, in order to create new things and stand out with our designs and technologies. Nowadays, our own in-house design and development team consists of some of Asia’s best bicycle and e-bike designers. Over the past 10 years, we were able to attract quite a few top engineers from big players like Giant and several other international players from where we even got some top European engineers to join our team. Our international approach, passion for completely new innovative designs and most importantly our team, are the reason why today, some of Europe’s best known brands work with Cycleman as their Development & Design Department, Supply Chain Manager, or even as their complete bike supplier.