In recent years, the global EBIKE market has grown rapidly
Time:2021-12-10 13:54:17

In recent years, the global EBIKE market has grown rapidly, especially the huge bicycle market in Europe. However, behind the prosperity and development, many OEM factories, brand owners, and dealers are facing pressures from huge capacity, supply chain, increasing fee of shipping ; components cost, etc..

As of the beginning of EBIKE anti-dumping in 2017, Cycleman has gradually shifted its vehicle production to Europe. 

In 2021, the cumulative number of vehicle shipments in Portugal has reached 65K pcs, but there is still a large capacity bottleneck. In order to better solve Europe assembling capacityissues, 

General Manager of Cycleman, Mark, led the team to Portugal for a two-week business investigation in November 2021, and further reached a long-term strategic partnership alliance with the well-known Portuguese assembly plant INCYCLES, as well as jointly invested in the two brand-new fully automated wheel set and vehicle assembly lines, 

which will lock the production target of 100K pcs in 2022 in advance, to ensure that 100K pcs EBIKEs can be delivered on time in 2022. At the same time, 

Cycleman and INCYCLES will further expand the deep cooperation in EBIKE R&D, production and sales from 2023 to 2025, focusing on longer-term mutual benefits and win-win results.