Cooperation with Alibaba
Time:2016-12-13 14:57:13
Great reference that we recently got is the owner of Alibaba in China (richest man of China) also just entered the domestic ebike market with a new product. The presentation of the product is yesterday in Beijing, a big media event. They’ve been looking for a producer in China, that is able to handle their development and fulfill their quality standards, for almost one year and we made it! From 20th on we’ll start producing their bikes exclusively.
Having worked on e-bike business for 10 years, CYCLEMAN has experience, fatastic team, Austrian station with good service, which wins great reputation all over the world.
CYCLEMAN is not an usual assembling factory tha just puts everything together. We have quite good engineers and an own development department where we also design and plan products. We basically design all the bikes according to customers’ exact requirements.
We believe that CYCLEMAN can do it well.

Coming soon.