26th China Cycle Exhibition 2016
Time:2016-12-13 14:58:48

The market is growing amazingly fast, demands are changing and standards are getting very high.
The Shanghai Exhibition is always a great opportunity for our developers and designers to show who we are and what we are capable to do. This year we showed the new famous YUN Bike C1 model for which we are the exclusive manufacturer for all exports, but the main attraction was our two new vintage bikes with a belt drive system and some components like our torque sensor system, Bluetooth board and some new easy service solutions. With our new line we are currently focusing on reducing weight wherever we can and some smart solutions have brought us some big steps forward to achieve that! Showing such achievements at the fair and discussing it, not only with existing but also, with other potential clients, is an important part of the process. Most importantly, the response was quite amazing for us and it has shown us that we are on the right way!
A quite big advantage for us was also that Shanghai’s new exhibition center is quite near our development department and factory, which made it very easy to take clients to the factory and let them check out things first hand!
Our team is already looking forward to next year’s exhibition and we are already working on some new ideas and hopefully revolutionary products that you’ll see next year!